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How to get The Attention of the Students Without Raising Your Voice

All of us have experienced being a student once in our life. We all love to do the fun stuff with our classmates. We are all guilty of that. There are instances that we can’t help the fun even if the teacher is already around. None of us wants to hear the instructors raising their voices just to get the attention of the class. As a matter of fact, teachers don’t have to do that because there are a lot of ways that can be done so you can get the attention of the students.

  1. Silence

Making use of silence has always been an excellent tool in getting the attention of the class. No matter how noisy the class is, once they notice that you are silent, it will be their turn to silence themselves. They would think that something is wrong and they need to pay close attention.

  1. Games


It’s always a good way to get the attention of a sleepy class. It will serve as an ice breaker, and it will help them to focus on what you’re teaching. You just have to make sure that the game is connected to the lesson. It’s the best way to exploit their minds in learning what you’re trying to teach them all this time.

  1. Do something unexpected


It’s the beauty of surprise. It works even outside of the class. If someone announces something that we didn’t expect, our attention is immediately drawn to it. Let me give you an example. A class is in a hyper mode where everyone is busy, and they didn’t even notice that you’re already around. Tell the class to get a piece of paper, and you have a short quiz. I’ll bet you anything that before you even finish the sentence, the whole class is all ears on you.

You just have to be artistic on how to get the attention of the students. Base it on their behavior and use something that is suitable for them.


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