How to Write a Conflict Resolution

 The conflict resolution paper should be 1pp, single space, outline format, addressing one of the conflicts that we have covered in class:

- Northern Ireland: could there be another way of resolving this conflict? 

- Jerusalem: how to honor Jewish, Muslim, and Christian claims to the city?

- Settlements: what to do with the Jewish settlements on the Palestine West Bank?

- The Security Barrier/Fence/Wall: who should decide where it should go?

- Chad/Darfar: rebel claims and local population security

- Kosovo: how to deal with Serb and Kosovar claims?

- Kashmir: dealing with the separatist movement and India/Pakistan claims

- North Korea: the US threat to remove North Korea's nuclear capabilities

- Cuba: the US embargo versus the Fidel/Raul Castro regime


1. Identify the conflict

2. State what 2 (or 3 or 4 or more) sides are involved in the conflict

3. Provide background information on the main issues in the conflict

4. Argue for each side-- give the best points of each side

5. Create a resolution using some of the best points of each side

(give brief references where appropriate-- eg, "Cuban history article in the reader, p30;" "Huntington's Clash of Civilizations p43;" " Baker-Hamilton report on the USInst of Peace website").